Critique 3

Due date: Dec 13th midnight.
Submission: Please email your critique as a pdf to Prof. Gitter ( with subject “CS838/BMI826-023: Critique 3”. Please remember to add your name on the critique.

The goal of this critique assignment is to discuss the ideas and approaches from two papers covered in the “Deep learning in network biology” section. Please write a critique (1-2 pages) focusing on these two papers:

Please structure your critique so that it addresses the following points each in a separate section.

1. An overview of the general problem area these methods are addressing.

2. Briefly describe each method. Select only one form of the neural network in the protein interface prediction paper, clearly stating which form you selected.

3. How were the methods evaluated?

4. What novel insights were obtained using these methods?

5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each method?