Project presentation schedule 

Please prepare a 10 minute presentation with 2 mins for questions. Please guidelines below.

Presenter Dec 4th Dec 6th  Dec 11th
Cora Allen-Coleman X
Molly Carroll X
Lianlian Du X
Jifan Gao X
Andrew Hasley X
Jordan Henkel X
Thuong Ho X
Jon Ide X
Brandon Legried X
Christopher Magnano X
Sunnie Grace McCalla X
Chitrasen Mohanty X
Viswesh Periswamy X
Matt Stone X
Albert Wang X
Xiuting Wang X
Hansi Zeng X

Project presentation guidelines

Instructions: All presenters on the day of the presentation should coordinate to put their slides on a single laptop so that we don’t spend time changing laptops. I would coordinate with your co-presenters to do this.

Here are a few guidelines that I hope will help you to prepare your presentation.

  1. Grading criteria: I will grade the presentation based on both content and your presentation style. I will also strictly adhere to the 10 min slot.
  2. Number of slides: For a 10 minute presentation, 10-12 slides should be enough, but you might be a slow or fast speaker so please adjust according to your pace.
  3. Content: The presentation should be roughly structured as follows. I don’t want to impose a particular format, but this structure seems to work well in many cases:
    • Problem overview: The overview should touch upon the description and motivation of the problem
    • Your approach and some background about how it relates to other approaches
    • Experiments: Try to motivate experiments by the questions they seek to answer
    • Results: Try to describe the results based on the answers to your questions
    • Conclusions from results/lessons learned
    • Future work.

You might also find this article on 10 simple rules for making good presentations helpful.

Project report guidelines (Due Dec 15th, 2018 midnight by email)

The project report is similar to a paper that you might write for a conference or journal. It should describe the goal of your project, what approach you have applied to study the problem, your results, discussion and conclusions from your results.  The project report should be no shorter than 5 pages (12 point single-spaced, excluding references), and should include the following sections:

1. Introduction: Describe the broad computational and biological problem that you are addressing in this project and why it is important.

2. Related work: Describe current approaches or classes of methods to tackle the problem of interest.

3. Approach: Describe the algorithm(s) you applied to address the question of interest. Please put these algorithms in the context of other related approaches and describe why you selected the specific algorithm(s) for your problem.

4. Results: Please describe the results that were generated as part of your experiments. Please provide figures or tables summarizing your results.

5. Discussion: Interpretation and discussion of your results. What lessons did you learn?

6. Future Work: How might you extend the work done in this project?

7. References




Project Proposal Guidelines (Due Date Oct 23rd)

The proposal document should have no more than 1000 words. Contents should include:

1. Introduction: Broad question or problem your project is addressing

2. Approach: The approach should describe the steps you will take to implement your project. You should describe the methods/algorithms you are trying to compare, what criteria you will use to compare these methods, and the  datasets that you will apply these methods to.

3. Significance: Why is this is an interesting and important project to do? Once your project is completed what results do you expect to obtain? What lessons do you expect to learn from your project?

4. References: This should be not be part of the 1000 word limit

For some example project ideas see example_projects