Project proposals

Due Oct 19th


Please submit your project proposal as a PDF using this Canvas link.

The proposal document should be no more than 2 pages using 11 pt font, not including references. Contents must include:

1. Introduction: Broad question or problem your project is addressing. Discuss and cite related work to provide background and context.

2. Approach: The steps you will take to implement your project. You should describe the methods or algorithms you will compare, the criteria you will use to compare these methods, and the datasets that you will apply these methods to with appropriate citations. State whether you already have access to any required software, hardware, or datasets.

3. Significance: Why is this is an interesting and important project? Once your project is completed what results do you expect to obtain and what questions will you be able to answer? What lessons do you expect to learn from your project?

4. References: Cite related work, datasets, algorithms you will use, and other relevant papers. This is not counted as part of the 2 page limit.

You are encouraged to discuss your project ideas, algorithms, and datasets with Professor Roy or Professor Gitter before writing the proposal. If there is any overlap between your proposed project and your research outside of class, briefly describe that overlap in the Approach.

Examples and ideas

See example_projects for project ideas and example1 and example2 for example project proposals. Note these proposals followed slightly different guidelines from those listed above.