Project presentations

Slides due Dec 4th

Please upload pdf versions of your slides to Canvas.


Presentations will take place in class on Dec 5th, 7th, and 12th, and the schedule is on Canvas. However, all students must upload pdf versions of their slides to Canvas by Dec 4th regardless of their presentation date.

Please prepare an 8 minute presentation. We will not have time for questions and will maintain a strict schedule to allow everyone an opportunity to present. All presentations will be loaded onto a single laptop arranged by the professors and the presentations will follow the order listed on Canvas.

Think of the presentation as a progress report, not a final report.


Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare your presentation.

  1. Grading criteria: Grading will be based on both the content and your presentation style. Please strictly adhere to the 8 minute slot. Some points we will consider for your grade are: finishing on time, readable graphics, explaining figures/equations, minimizing jargon but explaining it when used. 
  2. Number of slides: For an 8 minute presentation, 6-8 slides should be enough. You might be a slow or fast speaker so please adjust according to your pace and time yourself in advance.
  3. Content: The presentation should include the following elements:
    • Problem overview: The overview should touch upon the description and motivation of the problem
    • Your approach and some background about how it relates to other approaches (related work is optional)
    • Experiments: Motivate experiments by the questions they seek to answer
    • Results: Describe the results based on the answers to your questions
    • Conclusions from results, lessons learned, and future work. 

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